There seems to be confusion.

Confusion about what a restaurant is.

A private equity firm diversifying its’ portfolio, everyone’s gotta eat. A semi private entity cultivating fungus, restaurants mushroom in every crevasse of the development.

It’s so ordinary, it is the ordinary. Like an AED 12 cupcake, like an AED 25 cafe late, like an AED 45 mocktail, like an AED 60 poached egg. I can go on until that smile of yours turns into a ponderous gaze.

Fungus and gazing aside, I’m here to remind you of a restaurant, not necessarily a good one, but a one nonetheless.

A restaurant is reincarnation of passion with qualified service.


To recognize reincarnation of passion, ask yourself, is the creator present in the space, even occasionally? If so, then I smell passion.

To recognize qualified service, ask yourself, is a strict monolog underway, or is there dialog?


A restaurant is different from a chain and an investment. I prefer to frequent restaurants. 

What is your definition of a Restaurant? I would love to know.