There’s an interesting anomaly with Japanese offerings in the city. We have one of the best Japanese restaurants in world at our doorstep and countless lower end sushi shops mushrooming here and there but nothing in between.

My taste buds are extremely sensitive to fish inspired aftertastes resulting in a no fly zone for lower end sushi shops. I believe, all you can eat and bundle offerings should forever be mutually exclusive to sushi.


Walking into Origami there is an ever present, “Oh, interesting” reaction to the fit out of the small space.

The partners are young, local restaurant entrepreneurs that have a passion for Japanese food which they translated into the space.

Customary tables and bar area are present but the show piece is the traditional Japanese floor seating on an Arabic embroidered rug. On their cement walls, an origami inspired tree with Arabic calligraphy.

Thankfully the Arabic and Japanese fusion ends at the fit out and doesn't make its way into the food offerings.

I sit at my usual spot across my date, the table next to the window and make our order of favourites, sea bass, the volcano, crispy rice tuna, ebi sushi, some rolls and seaweed salad.

Why do I always over order at Japanese restaurants?!

My comment regarding the menu is that too many of the rolls include crab in them.

I request that one of my rolls come without the crab and the waitress seamlessly responds, “No problem.” Service is able.

I start with the seaweed salad, the avocados are creamy, the crispy rice tuna is crunchy but fluffy on the inside and the ebi, the backwards dip into the soy sauce followed by a chopstick serving of ginger.

“Extra ginger please.” Pursued by a side place full of ginner. Yes.  

We finish our last roll and request for our dessert, mochi, to be served outside.

We have our sticky rice and cool ice-cream as we enjoy the view of countless boats bobbing in the marina. 

This is definitely my everyday sushi spot.


Location: Al Souq Mall