I slide open Hapi’s heavy warehouse doors and see concrete, wooden tables and chairs circled around a tree with its thin trunk stretching and reaching way up high.  

I approach the counter, which fences the seating area from the open kitchen while the simple menus stand tall informing me of their healthy, European inspired menu. 

Breakfast: granola, acai bowl and egg pot. Lunch: chicken, steak and salmon. BBQ: Burger and hotdog. Bone broths. Soft serve ice ream. Coffee and OJ. 

Scanning the BBQ delights, I see him, the creator, a sweat on his brow, it can’t be easy being in the kitchen all day however a cheerful smile remains with him.

A Hapi Hotdog, sweet potatoes and Hapi red sauce, I say. AED 35.

The beauty arrives and I take her in my hands with a big bite. The full-bodied flavor of the char-grill hotdog with the sweet caramelized onions is it. The spicy red sauce in the hotdog and on my sweet potato fries gives comfort and spicy warnings.   And just before I can say enchante, she’s gone.

To diffuse spice and everything nice, an organic milk soft serve. AED 20.

Hapi is a restaurant.

The menu is very simple, with value for money prices and offerings laced with passion that I would continuously support.

Hapi is located in Alserkal Avenue, which offers healthy European casual food at around AED 55 per head. 


Location: Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz

Price for 2: AED 110