There are few places in Dubai that have a cult following lasting past the ‘trendy phase’.

In their quaint location in Karama, even with intricate opening hours, a wait is always part of the menu.

When I hear Raju Omlet is opening a second larger location on SZR, I start to be pensive. Will it still have that charming feel? Will I still be elbow to elbow with my fellow diner? Will the prices change? Will, will, will….

It’s 9am and the opening day of the new location. As an astute food lover, I’m the first to push my face against the large windows to peer inside. The space has grown, but thankfully still looks cozy.

I step inside to be greeted by eager yellow and white cladded waiters.  I pick a marble table from the selection of benches and wooden tables.

What’s on the menu? Everything egg inspired charged with flavors of India. Rolls, omlets, gravies, curries and more. For example: the Regular Omlet includes crushed onions, green chilly, garlic, ginger and a touch of their secret masala.

With a long day of photography ahead of me, I select the Power Omlet with a classic OJ and Cutting Chai.

I remember a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine the other day. We have become accustomed to enjoying a plate of eggs for breakfast priced at AED 55 a dish, and that’s normal to us.

Everything on the menu at Raju is priced from AED 9 to AED 20. They have paid for the fit out of their space, the high rent of their SZR location and staff and yet, by some miraculous phenomenon, this has not trickled down to the menu.  And I appreciate that.

My Power Omlet arrives with a buttery bun to accompany. I break my bread, cut a slice of the omlet and enjoy the first bite. I taste the masala and green chilly and later the ginger. I take a swig of the spicy tea and repeat. To cool everything down is my OJ.

The space is now full, on its first day, did I mention the cult following?

And off I go to my shoot powered by some good tasting eggs. 

Raju Omlet has its doors open in Karama and SZR to cater to your locations. Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner when ever you please. To start I would recommend the Power Omlet and the spicy potato roll, after that I would encourage you to explore the menu. 


Location: The Address Dubai Marina

Price for 2: AED 50