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Akiba Dori is located in D3, Building 8. Neon pink and yellow details quickly remind you of Tokyo’s flashing lights. The restaurant is arranged in sections including bar, bakery and Tokyo Neapolitan Pizza section (more about this later). The shiny black-brick floors are romantic, think just rained midnight streets, and the different table surfaces give Akiba Dori an eclectic vibe. I would define the interior as electric-fun. Opened daily from 12:00 pm.

Akiba Dori

Akiba Dori was created and is managed by Samer Hamadeh, a Lebanese entrepreneur who is known for Stereo Arcade, a bar/nightclub. With a no reservation policy, Samer wanted to create a well-priced eatery for everyone to enjoy.


The menu is presented in two sections, first Tokyo Neapolitan Pizza and second Japanese inspired favorites like, salads (Sashimi Salad at AED 57), small dishes (Tuna Tacos at AED 51), noodles (Seafood Chahan at AED 47), Specials (Vegetable Curry at AED 47), Sushi and baked goods (Matcha Molten Cake at AED 39)


Luigi, the pizza chef, is as handsome as he is talented. He spent months apprenticing in Japan pushing his Neapolitan roots to Tokyopolitan influences.

To be concise, we’re here to discuss the pizza. A few facts:

  • It takes 45 seconds for the pizza to bake in the brick oven.

  • The base is thin, while the crust is rustic, bubbling, crispy and chew worthy at the same time.  

  • A set amount of pizza dough is prepared per day, and if they run out, they run out. 

  • Pizza prices range from AED 37 to AED 70.

Classics like Margarita are present on the menu and interesting choices like Marinara and Bizmark are as well. But on that note, more Japanese inspired flavors are requested on the pizzas. 


The second half of the menu is best described as a grown-up’s kid’s meal. Sushi, noodles, salads, sliders, tacos, gyoza, calamari, desserts and more.


The menu was created with price points in mind. A full dinner meal can cost you AED 160 per head or a quick lunch can cost you AED 70 per head.  The restaurant is also licensed with draft beers and bottles of wine starting at AED 99.


I’ve been to Akiba Dori several times. Once for a surprise party, another for a catch up with a friend and another for a weekday girls night. With D3 being deathly silent at night, stepping into the busy Akiba Dori is like stepping into another area with queues even forming on some Thursday evenings.

I frequent Akiba Dori for the pizza because I know it’s the best in Dubai.

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Location: D3

Price for 2: AED 320