As with love, the success of a concept depends partially on the right time and the right place.

It’s 1:30pm and I’ve just finished a meeting in JLT. Guided by my 2pm lunch routine I set my destination on Google Maps to Friends’ Avenue.

Less then a handful of twists and turns later, I arrive at Cluster T, park in the underground parking and make my way to the cafe. 


I perch myself onto the stool and make an order of granola yogurt to catch the breakfast part of the menu and squash soup to catch the lunch part of the menu.

The space is small and cozy, something I appreciate. I take a walk around and run my fingers along the square tables, the benches the communal table and the round marble tables along the window. 

My granola arrives and it’s beautifully presented. 

Scanning the plates around me I find an appreciation in the large portion sizes offered.

Perhaps it’s the Uzbek hospitality from the owners but these are value for money portions that I know people will appreciate. 

The sweet and crunchy granola interrupted with burst of fresh fruit and smooth creamy yogurt is a delight.

And from sweet to savoury.

I take a spoonful of my squash soup. A velvet texture is present, but there is an underlying bitterness that can’t be forgotten. Alas the pitfalls of produce in Dubai. As my mother says, always taste your produce first. 

I look around the restaurant to a full house. Young JLT’ers or passerby’er like me and a I get it.

Its the right concept at the right time and the right place.

A value for money spot that serves your classic comforts like breakfast, hamburgers, steaks, coffee and more. 

JLT had classically been spotted with, yes independent restaurants, but very C-grade restaurants.

Thirsty for something interesting, Friends’ Avenue has hit the spot. It’s fun, friendly and well positioned. 

Is there anything ground breaking in terms of their food, not particularly but the vibe makes up for it.

If I’m in JLT I would dine at either Friends’ Avenue, Fraiche, Nais Italian Kitchen or Maple Leaf Deli.  

Friend's Avenue is located in JLT Cluster T. They offer cafe classics. Prices are fair and portions are big. I would frequent the cafe when I'm in JLT. Have the granola. 


Location: JLT Cluster T

Cuisine: Sweet Treats
Price per couple: Approx AED 150