There has been a coffee movement in Dubai for the past handful of years. Restaurants started offering specialty coffee, coffee warehouses opened their doors to the public and roasteries appeared in cafes. But, a relaxed neighborhood coffee shop, that just offers a good cup of coffee was missing. 

Walking into Brew Café the smell of German beans welcomes you in their charming space. 

Less than ten chairs and stools eagerly wait to be used by you. 

A low bar wraps itself along the walls of Brew Café while eclectic art pieces adorn its walls. 

I approach the counter and order my traditional café late from their coffee centric menu. Not even a tea is permitted to be present on there. Coffee domination!

I take my coffee and have a seat against the wall. 

Warm, milky and soft. That bitter after taste custom to the majority of coffee in Dubai is nowhere to be tasted. 

A friend walks in and an impromptu coffee date begins.   

I share my recent travel plans with her and enjoy the rest of my Latte. 

See you soon, I say to both my friend and my Brew Café, my neighborhood coffee spot where I come alone but never feel alone. 


Location: Jumeirah Beach Road