BB’s location in DIFC is the first pull you’ll feel towards the space. The restaurant is dangled across a handful of floors joined by a spiraling staircase. Floors include bar/smoking area, restaurant area and outdoor terrace area. The design can be described as London Chic, everything is tight and cozy, floors are tiled and paneled, wood is dark, accents of yellow and blue appear and those narrow white windowsills fool you to believe your in Europe.

Straight access from LPM, DIFC, DXB entrance.


From what I’ve been told/understood, there are three owners, an ex ZUMA manager, an Asian Chef and a passionate restaurateur. One was present at my visit, which satisfies me.


The cuisine is East Asian influenced focusing on small sharing plates. The menu is divided into Baos (white filled buns), Small Bites (Cauliflower Popcorn for example), Bowls (Pho), BBQ (Chicken, Beef, Fish) and Desserts. 


I select the “This is BB” since I assume a restaurant named dish should be deserving. The BB Bao cuddles contrasting zests of short ribs, shallots and chili. I’m marking this as one of my favorites. (AED 45).


I order the Cauliflower Popcorn, yes to anything cauliflower.  (AED 32). White Fish with asparagus, a little too soft in flavor for me. (AED 35). My next visit will include padron peppers and spicy beef tartare.


I order the vegetarian pho bowl with rice noodles, pak choy and tofu which comes in a beautiful petit portion allowing me to indulge in other plates as well. I would recommend ordering one of the other options as the veg was on the lightly flavored side.  (AED 45).

There is a Shabu Shabu on the menu, good for 4 persons, at AED 480, roughly AED 112 per person, with a selection of meats, noddle’s, veggies and sauces.


Baonut is and would be mine/your preferred dessert selection. May I remind you of my sugar doughnut infatuation? You can knock on the crispy sugar sanded outside and rip into the fluffy center. Cream and jam are provided on the side, but no need for either. (AED 38).


My Choice is Sparking Elderflower. (AED 35).


I like BB. Though it’s sharing concept menu is geared towards groups, I see its cozy atmosphere better suited for intimate dinners with meaningful conversations and dinner partners. The upscale décor lets you dress up without the usual pressure [intimidation] felt in its neighboring venues. In terms of menu offerings, the food is contemporary, simple with East Asian impressions. For craving factor, I would award that to the BAOs and the Baonut for now. The combination of space, food and pricing make it a recommended restaurant.


You can work though the menu to get a fair price per head and you can splurge with some of the dishes.  A full meal, starter main and dessert would cost you around AED 250, relatively very well priced compared to its neighbors in DIFC.



Location: DIFC

Price for 2: AED 250