Construction, sand, trucks, fumes, industrial – Al Quoz.


Minimal, serene, cool, that jazz type of cool – Café Rider.

The espresso. The kind of bitter that’s sweet. The kind of brown that’s rich. And the kind of aroma that makes you smile and nod.

Do I have a croissant? No. I don’t want to. Keeping it just motor bikes and coffee is fine by me.

The clientele, not your typical bearded and patched up jeans that you would think, but more of a sophisticated rider. The one that loves beautiful lines and curves and nothing more than the freedom of a ride.

A handful of bikes, mistresses, on display down the middle of the space, posing. I know nothing about bikes, but I can always appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Custom your own starting at a cool 90 grand.

Will I make my own bike? No. Will I buy a helmet? No. Will I return?


On trend with the rise of independent concepts, Café Rider, is a creative space that aims to bring people together who share the same passion – lovely.

The owner, a banker who craves to share and express his passion, how can I not relate to that.



Location: Al Quoz
Cuisine: Coffee
Price per couple: Approx AED 50