Waking up, still cozied up in my beloved quilt cover, I think a reward is justified for pulling myself out of bed. And for me, a reward equates to a lovely meal in a lovely space.

Walking into La Serre Boulangerie at 11 am, I worry if a table for two is available. With someone paying the check at that moment, I patiently wait, indicator turn on to the left and swiftly slide myself into the table as they pull out.

In true French style, breakfast offerings include croissants, variations of eggs, fruits and more.

Keeping with my reason to get out of bed, I begin with an order of truffle-topped scrambled eggs.

My breakfast date arches his brow and comments, I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying AED 125 for a plate of eggs, regardless of the truffles. I respond by saying I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying X amount for Business class, regardless of the extra legroom.

We all have our guilty pleasures and its no secret that food is mine.

Making my way through the fluffy scrambled eggs, truffle shavings and beautiful bread, some of the best in Dubai, is a lovely experience. An extra crack of fresh pepper would do wonders.

If waffles are not on the menu then I’m afraid its not breakfast. Piercing my fork into the sugar doused waffle, I feel its’ crispy crust. Immersing the bite into the berry compote and cream I prepare myself for delight.

And rather unexpectedly, I get the flavor of orange zest in both the sauce and the waffle batter. A purely personal opinion, I don’t enjoy orange in ANY of my desserts because of its over powering flavor.

To remedy the situation, I ask for honey, which gracefully expunges any trace of orange in my waffle, much better.

And to end our breakfast on a healthy note, a can’t-go-wrong bowl of fruit salad.

Apart from the bread, there is nothing that La Serre Boulangerie offers, which you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in Dubai.

Although with the floor to ceiling windows and almost revolutionary street front positioning, stepping into its beautiful morning hustle and bustle is almost hard to match.


Location: Vida Hotel
Cuisine: French
Price per couple: 220 AED