21 Grams is located adjacent to the Buj Al Arab on Jumeirah Beach Road. The design of the space is the first element you will love. Think Kinfolk Magazine brought to life. Minimal design with accents of red carpets, maps hung on the wall and varied lighting fixtures.

Opening hours are from 7:00 am to 11:30 pm.


21Grams was created and is managed by the beautiful Stasha, a Serbian national with a background in design and on a mission to make you feel at home in her space.


21 Grams is an Urban Balkan Bistro. The menu is divided into Breakfast (Eggs/Toast/Polenta), Baked Goods (Burek/Phyllo Pie/Bohemian), Mezza (Relish/Cheese/Peppers), Salads, Soups, Mains (Sea Bass/Lamb Cooked in Milk/Octopus/Moussaka) and Dessert (Baklava/Strudel/Ice-cream).

With my limited experience of Balkan cuisine, I can identify it as comforting. 21 Grams delivers a modern but still comforting take.

The pastry is made daily, as per traditional techniques and served only until mid afternoon to maintain its freshness.


I order a café late (AED 21) with a phyllo spiral filled with Cherry Jam. I love phyllo because its main contribution is the crispy-layered texture allowing the tangy fruit jam to be prominent.

Do you know what I’m tired of lately? The taste of strong processed sugar, being a must if you’re looking for something sweet to have.

But not with the phyllo spiral at 21 Grams. It gives you a sweet tang all on its own. (AED 32)


As breakfast time turned into lunchtime and as I wasn’t ready to leave the space, I moved to the lunch menu and whenever there’s a bone broth soup, I’m always going to order it.

The chicken soup is minimal to match the design of the space. It’s a light, Champaign clear colored with carrots and with homemade dumplings and noodles. Because of its lightness, you can finish the whole serving without feeling overwhelmed with deep flavors. (AED 38)


The breakfast menu is priced at an average of AED 44 keeping in mind you can order an AED 30 plate of eggs cooked your way. The Mezza has an average price of AED 20. The main meals have an average price of AED 69.

As for my breakfast and light lunch I paid a total of AED 91.

The price point is lower than most in Dubai and they still seem to make a lot from scratch making me happy with the price point.


My first visit to 21 Grams was my traditional Birthday breakfast on my own. 21 Grams is a well-designed, intimate space that makes you feel welcome. Importantly for me, the price point is fair and the pastry is made fresh everyday in the kitchen below. I would recommend this Urban Balkan Bistro to all. 



21 Grams Routine-5.png


Location: Adjacent to Burj Al Arab

Price for 2: AED 120