It’s 2:30 pm on a Friday and I’ve just finished a food photography shoot. I start packing my gear, camera, lens, stand and step stool. Each in it’s designated space. I take them into my car and close the boot. I lean against my white hatchback. My legs are soar for standing and squatting for the last 6 hours and I’m looking forward to a Great meal. At this moment, I think, comfort food.

I take my phone from my back pocket and scroll through my chats for last minute lunch companions. 

We walk up the 3 steps to Bistro Des Arts and take a seat outside on their classic French round tables and chairs, fit for nothing less then people watching.

The waiter arrives with the menus and we respond with “No need”. Roasted chicken, steak tartare and apple tart please.

We break our bread. My legs start to feeling better as I enjoy the cool breeze and a glass of chilled wine.

Another lunch companion joins bearing gifts of my favorite kind, books. After previously having a discussion on the importance of art, there in front of my is “Heretics and Heroes” How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World. How perfect.

My baby-roasted chicken arrives. I start with adjusting my chair, laying my napkin on my legs and drizzling the warm gravy all over my dish, on the fries as well.

Generously seasoned. I carve a bite of chicken, juicy to say the least, mop up the pool of gravy at the corner of the plate and bundle it with a fry.

If this isn’t comfort food….

I steal a bite of steak tartare from my less then neighborly lunch companion, and it too is swell. It isn’t laden heavy with Worcestershire sauce as most are. I am able to taste the meat, the peepers and pickles.

Un café and une tarte tatin later.

We sit. We converse. We do nothing. But we enjoy.

Tip. Always ask them to cook the tart a couple seconds longer. 

Bistro Des Arts has the whole trinity +1 of  restaurants, value for money, outside seating, alcohol and great food. This is becoming my go to lunch spot even if I'm not in the area. Lunchtime and night time vibes are both great. Order the dishes above and you can't go wrong. 


Location: The Address Dubai Marina

Price for 2: AED 200