This past year has been a period of Renaissance, a renewed interest if you will, for the Arab Cuisine. No longer a product of street food or something reserved for the home, but rather a cuisine that has been heightened to the trendy and the fine dining.

Starting with Qbara, now S’wich and I foresee many more to come.

Newly opened in Dubai Marina, S’wich is redefining the classic Shawerma and conveniently delivering it to your doorstep.

Stepping into their humble space, a delivery outlet with two tables, I luckily catch a seat while another diner departs.

Looking through the build-your-own-menu, possibilities range from the ultra gourmet, truffles and veal, to the classic pickles and chicken.

Leaving nothing to chance, rather than building my own, I opt for S’wich’s signature duck Shawerma to objectively test their strength.

A combination of duck, lettuce, garlic and fig paste warped in homemade saj bread. I take a bite, sweet sauce is left at the corner of my mouth which I happy lick away. Not the greatest admirer of duck, though this duck is different. It’s not duck-y, but light and the fig sauce makes everything splendid.

I take a bite of the Cucumber and Cabbage Salad and am left under whelmed. Swiftly S’wiched (did you catch that…) with the Quinoa Clementine salad, my taste buds are again appeased.  The Clementine, onion, tomato and cranberry make for an energetic salad.

Don’t forget your sweet potato fries!

I’ve heard a friend comment that they enjoyed the Shawermas prepared at S’wich but confessed that he felt they were not Shawermas but wraps. That’s the underlying matter why it took the Arab Cuisine so long to get trendy. Arabs enjoy tradition and food prepared the way their mother did. Altering the status quo would just be a question of “But Why?”

I on the other hand, love what S’wich has created, a modern take on classic favorites and it’s about time. And here’s to a more modern take on other pressing aspects of our lives in the region.

Currently delivering to New Dubai, soon to Down Town and later as a dine-in outlet. Looking forward to ordering many more Shawermas when they land in my part of town.


Location: Marina Views Tower
Cuisine: Modern Shawerma
Price Per Couple AED 100