Having just moved to Dubai, with a half Palestinian half Irish friend by my side, I was invited to Fibber Magees, an Irish sports bar, to enjoy a match of something that I can’t recall.

Between the haze of smoke, an elbow constantly wedged in my back and my poking at the ‘meal’ in front of me, I held on until the later part of the evening and bid farewell to my friend and Sports Bars.

When I hear of Brunswick Sports Club opening up, part of the Tom and Serg family, I express my renewed interest in the concept and make my way to the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates.

I enter, red and white walls, a bar along the right side and high communal tables take up the middle of the space. No haze or mist as this area is non-smoking.

I move along to the terrace were friends sit. Vines stretching across the ceiling, lower communal tables and my favorite, large metal framed windows along the back wall.

I say my hellos and grab a menu. Your classic bar offerings, nachos, wings, burgers, hot dogs with the added extras like crispy squid and salads. I choose a salad and a Brunswick Burger.

I pop some complementary popcorn in my mouth and drill down on the price points. The sharing plates are around AED 35-55 fair. The burgers are around AED 70, which is on the higher end, but as per the fine print, the meat is organic so that’s fine. The salad is a bit expensive at AED 65. But what will appease everyone is the fairly priced alcohol with draughts from AED 22 to 41.  

My salad arrives, the mixed greens are crisp and the snow peas and edamame beans make me smile.

My burger is placed in front of me, cut in half just as I requested. Picking up the half, strait side facing me, I take a full top to bottom bite right from the heart of the burger. The bun is soft but still holds its ground, the meat as promised is of good quality and is cooked to my request, juices still spilling out. The menu mentioned a zingy sauce, which I don’t taste much of. If the name on the door is the name of the burger then Zing it must.

I start having burger envy with the Mac Daddy, pulled beef and mac and 4 cheese and the Captain beer battered cod with dill yogurt and chutney, burgers around me. And so many more to try.   

I finish with a good cup of café late.

Contrary to my initial experience with sports bars, after enjoying the meal, I bid a See You Later to Brunswick and Sports Bars.

A couple of friends inquired upon my visit whether the new concept was similar to the others.  I would put Tom and Serg, Common Grounds and The Sum of Us in a 50 shades of grey Same Same but Different Category while I would put Brunswick Sports Bar in a Black and White Different Different Category.

Weekdays or weekend, if you enjoy sports or not, this is a relaxed and fun place to be.

Brunswick Sports Club is open in Sheraton Mall of the Emirates. The food offerings include classic bar food in addition to contemporary fresh dishes. Keep a look out for weekday deal on menu + drinks. I would recommend a salad to keep things light followed by a burger to balance the whole meal out.


Location: Sheraton Mall of the Emirates

Price for 2: AED 250