It’s almost September. Is that possible?

How time rushes by. 

I sip my coffee as I circle August 23rd on my daily planner.

I flip back through the warn pages. Lists crossed out, highlighted errands completed, doodles here and there, a heart passes by and finally the all time “To accomplish before year end bullet points”  written in bold.


I lift my planner sideways, the ribbon dangles through today’s date. Not many pages left until the end of the year. 

There is nothing like a deadline to inspire vigor. 

My clean untouched pages for the final weeks of 2015 will be my opportunity to show you a project that I’ve been working on for the better part of the year. Tight lipped, I wait in anticipation for the big reveal. 

What I can share, are some of my travel plans. London in October.

Which prompts me to jot down, “Book Flight to London.” and more importantly “Begin restaurant research Exclamation Point.” (Written out for greater impact)

And with an addition comes a deletion. 

I cross out a job completed. Photography for Nathalie’s Coffee and Kitchen.

I was commission to complete photography for Nathalie’s Coffee and Kitchen a few weeks ago. There’s nothing better then a client giving you full freedom to enjoy.

Nathalie's Coffee and Kitchen is a healthy driven cafe in Sports city that serves all day breakfasts, lunch and dinner.

Have a look at some of my favourite shots. 

Just a note. Regarding the photos of Shakes (ingredients on the floor), these were inspired by Green Kitchen Stories. I had seen something similar several years ago and always wanted to give it a try.  

Enjoy x



Location: Sports City