Simsmiyeh is a 15 minute recipe to toasted sesame seeds and peanuts which are deeply caramelized and crunchy. Basically it’s the ultimate midday sweet snack.

  1. It’s four o’clock and you’re at work. You had your lunch an hour ago and your midday lull has descended upon you. In Lebanon we say, darab il na3as, meaning sleep has just physically hit you. You still have a deliverable to submit, but at this pace, you’re never going to make it. What does this situation call for? A Simsmiyeh pick you up!

  2. Its five o’clock and you’ve just spent the day at the beach. You’re back home, showered, cleaned up and slightly sunburnt. You finally sit on the couch, the air-conditioning is cooling your skin and you just need that something to get the beach salt off your lips. What does this situation call for? A Simsmiyeh!

  3. It’s anytime o’clock, you feel like something sweet, crunchy, caramelized, savory/sweet, deep, nutty and roasted. What does this situation call for? A Simsmiyeh!

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A vegan dessert recipe with a prep time of 5 minutes and a cooking time of 15 minutes. This recipe makes 12 rectangles. 


  1. 2 cups sesame seeds

  2. 2 cups raw peanuts

  3. 2 cups sugar

  4. 1 teaspoon lemon juice

  5. 1 tablespoon olive oil


  • Start by combining all the dry ingredients, sesame seeds, peanuts and sugar and mix them together in a bowl.

  • Oil a baking tray and set aside. After caramelizing, we’re going to pour the mixture into a baking sheet to spread and cool, which happens pretty fast, so the tray needs to be oiled before hand.

  • We need a deep thick pot for this recipe with the heat at medium high.

  • Start stirring, always getting the bottom of the pot. The texture will start changing from dry to wet sand. Add a splash of lemon juice and keep stirring as the aromas of the roasted nuts come through.

  • Cook until they caramelize into a deep golden brown, which takes around 15 minutes.

  • Pour the mixture into your oiled baking tray and smooth out to your desired thickness. Let her cool and slice into rectangles. Usually Simsmiyeh is flatted out with a rolling pin, but I prefer them more rustic as pictured above.

  • And finally. time to enjoy roasted/ caramelized nuts, ukh so perfect with a coffee.


Video, Photography, Recipe, Food Styling, Prop Styling by: TALA SOUBRA

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