Hey, welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by. 

Tala Soubra, with you.

This is my portal to express everything I love including the experience of dining, photography, print, travel and creating in the kitchen. It’s an ode to slowing down and to everyone who appreciates slowing down to take in the moment. I hope I give you that moment, that escape, where for a second you're in a place that only makes you smile.

Food is important to me, it's something my family and I experience. Summer vacations spent with cousins over meals that took hours. Conversations about how zucchini should taste like and how red peaches should be are the usual.

Restaurants are my mini vacations. Understanding a concept's getting together over food and drink experience is the fun part, that's why I focus on Independents. 

My background is Economics/Finance and Banking. It was through my blog that I discovered my need for creativity and my photography. 

I started my blog with a point-and-shoot camera we used for family holidays. After I exhausted it's potential, I picked up a DSLR, and through constant play and practice, a workshop here and tips from friends there I've developed a career in photography.  

I'm lucky to have you by my side through this journey of self development and discovery. 

I enjoy hearing from you, so don't hesitate.