What if I live in Tuscany, with rolling hills and golden skies, where beautiful wine and farm to table is the norm. What if I take that job in New York, hustling through the tube in the morning, having lunch down town and finally drinks in the East Village. Or what if I take that boat to that deserted island and just be.

These curious dream like what ifs…

Picture making them happen and if they’re not to your liking, the undo button is just a click away.

Is that possible?

Sure, and it happens quite often. Under each travel plan is a dream and what if. You can dream as big and as far away as you please because, you know, in your back pocked is a ticket home.

But be weary, the ticket home is not as straight forward as the usual undo button, because when your away, you see, you feel, you change and when you’re back, you’ve undid but with track changes that can’t be hidden.

It’s March and it’s been around 3 months since I’ve last traveled. I sit at my desk in my room, I raise my jasmine tea to my lips and think, it must be time to dream again. I look down at my young concrete city, cars, bridges, lights and buildings twinkling their hellos to me.

It’s 9 pm and after an hour’s drive to Saadiyat, I find myself on a mini boat, going somewhere, the wind is strong and the water splashes over uninvited. We stop for a moment to find our balance on the choppy waves. We arrive through the back entrance due to safety reasons, I jump onto the wooden pier and a cart whizzes me to my villa. Bed. Sleep.

The breeze blows through and ruffles my covers. The waves crash in the distance and make me wonder where I am. I open my eyes to my island.

The tips of my toes touch the cool marble. I look to the left to my living room and to the right to my stand alone tub. It’s that lamp, the brass knobs and those small details that make all the difference. I pause, smile then jump into the shower.

Bathing suit on I wander around the grounds and catch a buggy towards an alfresco breakfast. After a small chat with the chef, it’s well executed pancakes this morning.

Walking back to my villa, I catch another lone patron, I wonder what his ifs are? He walks to the villa adjacent to mine and is welcomed by his family, not lone as I initially presumed, but perhaps shares the same ifs as I.

I lay next to my pool, its 10 am now. My mind thinks of the photos that need delivering next week, the blog post that’s scheduled, the insurance the needs to be renewed on my car. I grab my hat a move to my gazebo, I lay. My mind thinks of the list I made before the trip to Abu Dhabi and finally, finally trails off to relax. I tap my phone and its 10:20 am.

Perhaps the only ‘foe’ I have in life is time, it’s something I can’t control and something that keeps slipping through my fingers like a handful of sand. But here, rather than racing in front of me, it walks next to me.

Having just finished my book, I look towards the sea and find only the tip of the sun peeking through. The temperature has dropped and I feel goosebumps along my arm as the wind kicks up. I warp myself in a towel run inside to get ready for dinner.

I pas the burger joint to the European restaurant, table for one please. The same chef from breakfast pokes his head out and welcomes me for dinner. A familiar face. A creatively thought out 5 course menu, but hovers on the level of satisfactory.    

I have my tea against my window sill and say goodnight.

That morning and not by choice, the undo button is automatically triggered and I’m on my way home.

But not without the track changes. I live a double life, one in the corporate world as a banker and another in the food world as a photographer and blogger. I race back and forth from each, with not a second to spare and where does the time go? There’s no time for books, for friends, for just laying still. Perhaps it’s time to let one of them go...

Zaya Nurai Island Resort, is located on an island reachable by boat. It is composed of 35 stand alone villas each having their own pools. There are 3 types of villas varying in size and your budget. The villas are focus on open space plans and white and grey tones. The staff is friendly and always personal giving off a Club Med feel to the resort. Breakfast is spot on, but improvements to lunch and dinner must be made. I noticed there was one head chef for the whole resort taking care of a handful of restaurants which is nearly impossible. I suggest a chef for each according to their offerings. The resort just opened in January so there are a few trimmings that need finishing around the grounds but I would recommend taking advantage of the current prices on hand. If you’re in need of a weekend escape within the country, Zaya Nurai would be in my top 5 recommendations. 


Location: Nurai Island Abud Dhabi
Cuisine: International
Price per couple: Room Rates Vary