RELOCATING TO NYC I Brooklyn, New York I (For a Month)


My beautiful grandmother used to have restless leg syndrome. When she sat down longer than it took to sip her mid day Turkish coffee and cigarette, she had an irresistible urge to move her legs.

I caught my grandmother’s restless syndrome, but it traveled up my legs and into my core. I have an irresistible urge to move when I’m not challenging my creativity.

Creativity is both miserable and wonderful when you have someone to aspire to. Miserable, because you acknowledge how much work your work needs and wonderful because there’s so much work to work towards.

I’ve been following V.K.Rees, a food photographer based out of Brooklyn, since I first pointed my camera at food.  Briefly, She is Cool! At length, have a look at her work.

When I was in Tangalle, Sri Lanka some months ago, the lively sea, the open tuk tuks and sound of cracking coconuts put me in the right mood to settle my growing restlessness and contact V.K.Rees aka Vanessa.

So here I am, its mid April 2018 and I’m screaming “I CAN’T WAIT!”

I can’t wait to spend May 2018 interning with Vanessa and I can’t wait to spend May 2018 living with Brooklyn, New York.

I’ve visited several times, but having my own sunny brown stone walkup, is everything.

Food Photography

Even though a month is long, it’s so short. (Do I make sense?) So I put down what I want in May 2018:

1.       Immerse myself in photography

2.       Become comfortable with strobe lighting in food photography

3.       Learn new styling techniques for food photography 

4.       Learn new editing techniques for food photography 

5.       Learn brainstorming/preparation/workflow techniques for shoot days

6.       Complete a best practice log book entry after each day with VKR

7.       Complete a necessary equipment list

8.       Set a strategy plan

9.       Dedication to documenting my time in NYC

10.   It’s time to speak on my stories

11.   Start Instagram Highlights + Guide to NYC + Change

12.   4 - Week in review posts

13.   Street photography of My Brooklyn 

14.   Capture beautiful portraits

15.   Uncovering Craftsmen of Brooklyn  

16.   Join a photography group

17.   Work in the NYC public library

18.   Visit flee market for props

19.   Make my place my own, print photo for space, candles

20.   Cook in once a week

21.   Have 1 dinner with friends over 

22.   Flower market once a week 

23.   Farmers market once a week

24.   Local wine and cheese charcuterie night

25.   Visit grocery store for daily use products to buy in bulk

26.   Visit Museum of Modern Art 

27.   Dress up, every day is an occasion in NYC

28.   Get a NYC Hair Cut

29.   Have NYC play list

30.   Visit local Jazz Bars

31.   Conquer laundry/ Get a steamer / Get a trolley

32.   Visit B&H and purchase something

33.   Shopping: one splurge item and go to Bloomingdales OUTLET

34.   Visit/read local print in the park

35.   Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurants 

a.       Best Restaurant in the World

b.      According to List


Tell me everything you love about New York so I can experience it as well!

And most importantly,please join me on my May 2018 Photography journey.




Location: Brooklyn, New York