As I watched each sheet of paper fall from the larger then life, truck size printer at the printing press, the pea green color of LN001 London New Taste made me smile. 

My first two guides, DB001 Dubai Breakfast and BL001 Beirut Lunch were cities at my doorstep, but LN001 London New Taste was me taking my box and going international.

Jut a background:

Each guide is based on a city, think local and global and a theme, think standard Breakfast and out of the ordinary New Taste. 

Inside them:

·      15 specially curated recommendations, there’s no need to overwhelm you with more.

·      1 picture of each recommendation, I know you like to see what you’re going to eat.

·      3 words about the space to spark your curiosity and an address to get you there.

Put the whole box in your bag, slide your favorite cards into your back pocket or send a recommendation card to your friend by post, these boxes are made to be versatile.

As I loose count of the printed papers, I think, London needs to be launched in the perfect way. And perfection is experiencing the box in its entirety.

Because we all love traveling with a friend, I thought 2 tickets from Dubai to London would do just well.

A few emails and phone calls later, I sit face-to-face with the airline I know will understand my passion and an airline that was born on thinking outside the box, Virgin Atlantic.

 Concerned with partnering up with people who have the same spirit has them, discoverers and adventurers I received their nod and launched the initiative on my Instagram page.

Post a picture of LNT001 London New Taste with your favorite travel essential and be in the draw to win two tickets to London.

There were so many beautiful pictures, have a look at #FIODxVirginAtlantic and really wished I could make everyone win!

At the, end through a third party draw, the very passionate @hannahmagsayo was the lucky winner!

Thank you to Virgin Atlantic.

Thank you to Serene.

And thank you to Keyhouseofcreation, the creative directors of my city guides, who have been with me since the start of Box journey.

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Location: United Arab Emirates