I was born in the midst of winter wind. It was raining and I was shivering. A warm light bulb was commissioned at the hospital to keep my tiny pink body warm. I was just eyeballs wide-open at that moment, but it was my by Birthday, at the start of the year, January. 

Fortunate to have my birthday in January, I’m able to sync the maturity of my age with a smooth new, cream colored, unfrayed at the edges, Moleskine.

Snuggled up in my white sheets, I read an article about Essentialism that keeps me up passed my bedtime. The focus being on “What we simply cant live without” rather than “Living on a few simple things.” 

How beautiful is that.

To start weaving Essentialism into my life, I’ve christened 2016 as the year of Essentialism.

You may think this is a derivative of a resolution, but once you enhance the “will-do” into a “must-do” a resolution transforms into an essential.   

I can’t live without the progression of Fork it Over Dubai. No longer a peripheral but now my core.

-      Fork It Over Boutique had its modest start last month with the launching of my first inspiration box, DB001 Dubai Breakfast. My boutique will expand to launch 4 new products in 2016.

-      Fork It Over Studios has found its niche in food lifestyle photography. I’m looking to secure 2 new long-term photography clients each month.

-      Fork It Over Dubai will eternally remain independent and relevant by having 2 new posts a month.

I can’t live without traveling. Steak tartare in Paris, bicycles in Copenhagen and coffee in East London, inspiring the way I think, the way I photograph and the way I write. 2016 will see me in East Asia and Northern Europe.

I can’t live without my health. With a heavy schedule balancing corporate and passion demands, I’m made aware that my body’s healthy needs to be on par. Apart from my personal trainer, my everyday life transforms into my workout. I will carry my 7 kg box filled with 75 guides down to my car and into the retail shop. I will load and unload my stand for the Ripe Market. I will park my car furthest away from the Dubai Mall entrance. And I will continue to have 8-hour shoots where I squat more then 100 times.  

I can’t live without connecting with people. She’s a friend of a friend, dinner has only just started and she shares her excitement about going to the Basque Country. I recollect to her the moments that I always think of and we connect. A connection is not to be confused with romance or and extended period of time spent with someone but a feeling of appreciation you share with another person. Connecting with someone recharges me.

I can’t live without being thankful. We often think more about what we don’t have rather then what we have. We all have too much to be thankful for.

I hope I’ve inspired you to think of what you can’t live without and I leave you with some inspiration from my trip to London.