It’s been a handful of months since I’ve been back from Spain, but memories of my experience still vividly cross my mind during passing moments when I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander.

One memory or city rather that resonated with me the most is San Sebastian. A somewhat lesser known city to the general tourist, but a more well known city to a foodie, San Sebastian boasts the title of have having the most Michelin start restaurants per square foot in the world.  With the quality of produce that I experienced in San Sebastian, that comes as no surprise.

Although not purely a foodie city, San Sebastian’s residences are an eclectic bunch. You have your foodie’s, your hipsters, your surfers, your fashionistas and more. It’s a city that offers everything for everyone with a calling.

Start your morning with a chocolate croissant while walking along the ever entertaining surfer beach.  As its early, catch the vegetable and flower market. Poke your head into an alleyway and enjoy the company of hipsters sipping excellently brewed coffee.  Book a table at one of the best restaurants in the world. Stroll along the shore line and enjoy sunsets that hypnotize. End your evening by walking through the old town and pass through hundreds of local bars that serve up delicious pintxos (tapas) and txakoli (wine) where the culture is, have a drink and a bite and move on to the next bar.

A big city in its offerings but a small city in its size, the preferred method of transportation is by bike or by foot, how lovely.

And what I believe San Sebastian does best is offer the right balance between traditional and modern.

Below are some of my favorite snaps of the city, have a scroll through and enjoy!