What I love most is a reawakening. Flavors are original and rules have no place at the table.  There has been a rumbling up north, in London, where an era of New Taste has ushered in. With its base at green mushy pees, London has proven itself to be one of my most craved dining destinations. At the helm are you chefs and daring tastemakers that manifest complex flavors in a casual form. From flat whites, steamed milk buns and seasonal inspired menus with exceptional produce in the limelight. Take my hand as I show you through them and more. Cheers.

Inside each are15 specially curated recommendations, a picture of each recommendation, 3 words about the space to spark your curiosity and an address to get you there. Put the whole box in your bag, slide your favorite cards into your back pocket or send a recommendation card to your friend by post, these boxes are made to be versatile.