Beirut is my home. It’s the birthplace of tyrian purple and a community that strives for the particular. With the sun at its peak, the city is engaged and Beirut Lunch is in full swing. A well selected lunch offers an intermission between the vigor of starting your day and the serenity of the evening time. As with its eclectic inhabitants, the artist, the businessman or the university student, Lunch offerings include 40-year-old establishments, organic cafes and young entrepreneurial spots looking to make a difference. Take my hand as I show you through them and more. Sahtain.

Inside each are15 specially curated recommendations, a picture of each recommendation, 3 words about the space to spark your curiosity and an address to get you there. Put the whole box in your bag, slide your favorite cards into your back pocket or send a recommendation card to your friend by post, these boxes are made to be versatile.