Summer has extended its long wings, taken flight and is circling above us. As we all hurry inside for safety, afternoons and evenings in with friends multiply.

It’s passed lunch time and it’s not quite evening time, you’ve just put a on movie and she's filling you in on her trip to Paris, something small to eat and accompany is a must.

During my stay in NYC, we photographed a series of vegan recipes using baking sheets (both practical and beautiful) as serving dishes.  Inspired by the vegan baking sheet photography, I’ve adapted this warm, roasted, sweet and salty snack recipe.

Slowly roasted nuts are coated with the best maple syrup and sprinkled with Szechuan pepper for a quick wake up call. I know everyone will enjoy its aromas caramelizing in the oven and textures crunching in their mouths.


1.       200 g of your favorite nut. (I chose hazelnuts)

2.       1/4 cup quality maple syrup

3.       1 tsp of Szechuan pepper (black pepper will do as well)

4.       ½ tsp of salt


1.       Heat your oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 min

2.       Line you baking trey with ovenproof baking paper

3.       Spread your choice of nuts onto the trey and place in the oven

4.       Roast the nuts for 20 minutes or until your liking

5.       Take the try out of the oven

6.       Place the roasted nuts a bowl and add the maple syrup pepper and salt and stir making sure to coat everything well

7.       Pour out the mixture onto the same baking trey and bake for 15 minutes or until the maple syrup is bubbling

8.       Let the roasted nuts cool slightly and serve warm


Sahtain. x

Location: United Arab Emirates