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I started the year with a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that projected my cookies into today’s modern baking era. With their ripples, burning butter and chocolate chunks, my cookies have never caused more second-hand satisfaction than before.  

Inspired by this inaugural experience, I came across another radical take on a classic: Garlic Bread.  

Garlic bread began as a side order to my childhood pizza deliveries, evolving into a side dish to my homemade pasta but today, with sides becoming less like sides and more like small plate sharing essentials; we are taking it further. Hence, this Herbed Garlic Bread Recipe from New York Times Cooking promotes garlic bread from a side to a standalone small plate for more than just one. 

This recipe involves two methods of using garlic to guarantee a unique flavor profile. The first is cooked garlic (sweet, nutty, roasted) and the second is pounded fresh garlic (sharp, green, acidic). Adding butter (which makes everything taste better), and combining the two in a farm style loaf with herbs, will leave you with something impressive.

Go on and tap on the crust, you’ll hear a clear knocking sound from its toasting in the oven. Take a whiff, the garlic and heat-shocked fresh herbs will perfume the premises. No utensils allowed: tear away a slice from the loaf and enjoy the soft insides saturated with garlic, butter and aromatic herbs.  

Click for recipe.

Photography for this recipe is intended to capture texture and the feeling of movement with a static object. The interrupted zig-zagged wedges of the loaf, the veins of the herbs laid recto verso for contrasting textures, and the splash of shimmering olive oil giving your eyes a playground to discove

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Photography, Food Styling, Prop Styling by: TALA SOUBRA

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