This recipe is so simple, it doesn’t need a recipe. A short What’s App conversation will do.

S:         Hi Tala [Smiley]

T:         Hey Serene!

S:         I’m just leaving work. How was your day??

T:         Good.

            Work and straight home for a shoot! [Hand Covering Eyes]

S:         For who?

T:         Ice-cream brand… their launching summer flavors.

   Pass by for some?!?

   [Teaser photo sent]

S:         I wish… I’m heading to Spinney’s, have people over tonight. Any ideas for me?


T:         Hmm

            Looking for something light or filling?

S:         Light. It’s super casual!

T:         Ok, msg me once you reach.

            I’ll have a think. x

S:         Ok [Thumbs up]

T:         [Another ice-cream teaser photo sent]

S:         Ok, I’m here!

            Now I want ice-cream [Smiley]

T:         [Smiley with Tongue]

            Ok, get to the frozen section and find some puff pastry.

            Any brand

S:         Done.

   [Thumbs Up]

   [Picture of puff pastry sent]

T:         Great!

            Go to the veggie section.

            Pic 5 things you like….


            Baby Radishes

            Cherry Tomatoes



S:         Do I have to pick these?

T:         No, anything you like…

S:         K

            [Picture with basket full of veggies sent]

T:         In the cheese section…

            Find a tub of Ricotta cheese.

            And your done!

S:         Text you when home…

T:         K.

S:         Home…

T:         Ok

            Roll the dough into a square

            Spread the Ricotta – keep a boarder

            Put all the veggies on top

            Oil, salt, pepper

            Bring up the sides

            And in the over for an hour – 170 degrees

S:         [Picture sent of rolled dough]

            [With veggies and topping]

            It’s in the oven!

T:         [Heart Eyes] [Thumbs up]

S:         I’m jumping into the shower…

T:         Put the timer!

S:         Ok

            (Hour Later, shower taken)

            Done and Done!

            [Picture of cooked tart sent]

T:         Wow, looks perfect… [Heart Eyes]

S:         Thanks Tala!

T:         Have fun!

S:         Mwah! Thanks love!

And with that, a beautiful tart to enjoy.

Location: United Arab Emirates