One of my favorite desserts is a cinnamon roll. Think comforting warm, crispy crust, a buttery cinnamon filled inside, gooey icing paired with a cup of coffee.

Along with my favorite, cinnamon rolls carried another adjective for me, fantasy. I’ve always wanted to bake them, but the yeast made me hesitate. Why are we, I, so scared of yeast? Yes, it may be active, but it’s as straight forward as any other ingredient.

Regarding the level of difficulty of this recipe, there are more steps than complicated technique so we can all do this one. But first, you need a dough mixer and second because of the yeast, there will be proofing time needed.

A couple of notes. TRUST the recipe, when you’ve finished adding in your wet ingredients to your dough mixture it’s going to look too wet. Don’t worry, it should be like that, once you get it in the fridge things will firm up.  Don’t add more flour because that would dry out your dough. When I first tried this recipe, I slightly over-baked my rolls by about five minutes, so the centers were less gooey than I wanted them to be. Fro the baking, I used a STAUB cast-iron I purchased from TAVOLA, which was quite (freaking) expensive, but I justified it by knowing it would last me a lifetime. 

The over all the reactions to these cinnamon rolls ranged from, “You made these?!” to “I’m coming over!” to “Mmmmm”. Defiantly something to impress with.

Other than what I detailed at the start, I appreciated how controlled the sweetness level was. This is not something that will give you a sugar OD but something that’s a perfect mid-day, sit down on the couch, freshly brewed coffee/tea, friend across from you kind of break. 

Cinamon Rolls9626.jpg
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Cinamon Rolls9696.jpg

For the full detailed recipe have a look at something I'm always on, Food 52.

Location: United Arab Emirates