I feel like I’ve watched Krush Burger grow up.

I was there when her first board was hung in her Murooj Rotana Location. Several months later, I was there when her sign was installed and then that first light bulb glimmered in her space. She took a snooze for another handful of weeks and finally I hear word that her doors have opened.

I walk into Krush Burger and am greeted with metal, cement and wood tones, an interesting take on a burger venue. Unfortunately, the space has a feeling of emptiness that’s not successfully tackled.

I proceed to the counter and order an original combo, meaning two mini burgers and fries. Next, I order a soda. You would think a combo would include a drink as well, right?

After my order I’m handed a buzzer, how lovely. Several aggressive vibrations later, I’m back at the counter to pick up my tray.

 Two beautiful mini burgers, very well sized, perched on their sides with come hither lettuce extending outward.

There are two teams when it comes to burger buns, brioche or potato burger buns. The prior has more of a bread-like consistency while the latter has a pillow-like consistency. I a fan of the latter because it does a good job of supporting rather than drying, while Krush Burger uses the prior.

I cocoon the burger in my hands and take a generous bite. Neither disappointed nor excited, I pick a fry to complete my bite.

Lacking a certain acidity or punch to the burger, I finish the remaining silently and devoid of any Oos and Aas.

Doing my due diligence I look through some photos of Krush Burger on the net to be surprised with some very creative options. Unfortunately they seemed to have miss the flight over from California.

Hoping they catch the next flight over on Emirates, I’ll pay her another visit in the far future.


Location: Murooj Rotana
Cuisine: Burgers
Price Per Couple AED 100