What is it with women and loyalty?

Women have an exceptional ability, inclination rather, to be loyal and in most cases when it’s not due.
Whether to her man, her Company or even her favorite restaurant.

An inherent gene that seems to have been overlooked in her counterpart.

A weakness?

As first glance, yes.

But it makes our passion for that perfect dish, that deal we just secured or that spot, that couch we love so much more deep.

There’s nothing more honorable then loving with depth.

I am loyal.

When the clock strikes 12 am I know there is only one place I’d want to be, always. And that’s Elevation Burger.

With the surge of burger joints around the city, I pass most of them off as not good enough to even sample.
Although with the hype of The Counter Burger and in the name of restaurant reviewing, I find myself seated at a booth ticking my way through building my own burger.

Side order of fries, chilly and guilt – tick.

An interesting selection of both classic and unique toppings ranging from blue cheese, guacamole and onion rings.

They arrive plump and looking their best for first impressions.

That first bite is new and by default exciting.

Stacked too high I would say and the bread beautifully shiny but doesn’t melt how I like it to.

And at the end a portion of the burger is left uneaten. Not because it isn’t appetizing but because it isn’t that perfect size.

The chili and onion rings are spot on.

I thank the Counter Burger for a delicious first date. But then say it’s not you but it’s me and we could never be, we just didn’t click.

The clock strikes 12 am, and I’m in his arms again, on that couch [booth], having my usual favorite Elevation burger and I couldn’t be happier.

Yes, I am woman, I am loyal, hear me roar.


Location: JBR
Cuisine: Fast Food
Price per couple: 150 AED