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You know how some woman command attention. Not because they’re sweet or agreeable, but because they’ve been fermented by life.  They’ve hustled to start a business, they’ve single handedly cared for a whole family or progressed in their careers, all in a man’s world. The fermentation transforms them from colorless to a radiant fuchsia you can’t take your eyes off of. Some may misinterpret the taste of fermentation for funk, but for those who understand it’s a taste of complexity, and for those who really understand, there is a sweet after taste. 

By adding all your ingredients into a mason jar, you’ve successfully completed the only step required for brilliant fuchsia turnips. As your turnips ferment, you have a solid two weeks to boast about your mastery in multitasking:

  • Oh, I’m arranging my closet, while fermenting turnips.

  • Oh I’m working on my laptop, while fermenting turnips. 

  • Oh I’m watching Netflix, while fermenting turnips.

Fermented turnips are mandatory for shawerma and falafel and are an every day luxury to have on the side of anything else. 




A something on the side giving a meal that extra kick. Prep time of 20 minutes and fermentation time of 2 weeks.  


  1. 1 kg Turnips

  2. 1 Beetroot

  3. 3 cups Water

  4. 1/4 cup coarse Salt

  5. 2 tsp Sugar

  6. 1 Cabbage Leaf


  • Wash all the ingredients well. 

  • Peal the turnips and beetroot.

  • Cut the turnips and beetroot into bite-sized rectangles.

  • Mix the water, sugar and salt together and pour into a Mason Jar. 

  • Add the turnips and beetroot to the Mason Jar.

  • Cover the top of the filled Mason Jar with a cabbage leaf. 

  • Seal the jar and allow the turnips to ferment in the refrigerator for two weeks.  


Photography, Recipe, Food Styling, Prop Styling by: TALA SOUBRA

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