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The secret to Fattoush is mixing the salad with your bare hands. Get in there with your fingers, let the pink tinted sauce drip down your wrists as you fold the tomatoes, lettuce and everything else together. Break the toasted pita bread over the mixed salad and let it rain pita. After tossing the salad one last time and plating it onto a serving dish, take note, this is the best part, the remaining sauce, the lone cucumber and pita bread at the bottom of your mixing bowl Is Gold. This is where you drench the pita in the sauce, scoop up the remaining veggies and enjoy The Perfect Bite.



Easy starter with a prep time of 20 minutes, Serves 4.


  1. 4 springs of green onion

  2. 2 medium sized cucumbers

  3. 2 Lebanese cucumbers (optional)

  4. 5 red radishes

  5. 3 ripe beef tomatoes

  6. 1 whole small lettuce

  7. ½ bunch parsley

  8. ½ bunch mint

  9. 2 small pitta breads

  10. 2 lemons

  11. ¼ cup olive oil

  12. 2 teaspoons salt

  13. 3 teaspoons sumac (Click for ingredient detail)


  • Wash and dry all the vegetables.

  • Cut the onion, cucumbers, radish, beef tomatoes and lettuce to your favorite salad size. I like small and thin cut vegetables for my salad, while my friends enjoy big and chunky vegetables for their salad.

  • Pick the leaves off the parsley and mint stems.

  • Place all the vegetables in a large bowl.

  • Add the lemon, olive oil, salt and sumac.

  • Thoroughly mix the vegetables and the sauces.

  • Toast the pita bread in a toaster until crispy and break into bite sizes with your hands and place on top of the salad.

  • Give the salad one last, light mix and serve.

Photography, Recipe, Foody Styling, Prop Styling by: TALA SOUBRA

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