An area and especially a city, is what you make of it. Dubai, synonymous with luxury, has a humble place in its Breakfast. And for this reason, Breakfast Dubai is My Dubai. The city is quiet and the air is cooler. We awake not to the hustle of the Emirate but to the crashing of the blue waves. A well-curated breakfast can only lead to a beautiful day. Prevailing over Breakfast offerings are creative independents, intuitions, new cafes, amalgamators and hidden nooks. Take my hand as I show you through them and more. And here’s to a Good Morning to you.

Inside each are15 specially curated recommendations, a picture of each recommendation, 3 words about the space to spark your curiosity and an address to get you there. Put the whole box in your bag, slide your favorite cards into your back pocket or send a recommendation card to your friend by post, these boxes are made to be versatile.