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Chocolate Wreath is a dessert with a prep time of 10 minutes and an assembly time of 30 minutes. Serves big parties.


  1. 900 grams of quality dark chocolate

  2. 50 plain breadsticks

  3. 50 sesame covered breadsticks

  4. Festive sprinkles


  • Prepare a bain-marie: Place a small pot on the stovetop and fill half of it with tap water. Cover the pot with a metal bowl and make sure the water in the pot does not touch the bottom of the bowl. Bring the water to a light boil.

  • Break the chocolate into small pieces with your hands and add the chocolate to the metal bowl in the bain-marie.

  • Melt the chocolate. Stir occasionally with a spatula to make sure all lumps have been melted.

  • Transfer the melted chocolate to a narrow metal container such as a coffee pot with a handle. This allows for easy dipping of the breadsticks.

  • Dip the breadsticks into the melted chocolate. Tap away the excess chocolate. Sprinkle the festive sprinkles onto the chocolate covered sticks and place them on a flat tray lined with wax paper. Place the trey into the fridge to cool for 3 minutes.

  • Once cooled, arrange the chocolate breadsticks around a plate and serve with the remaining melted chocolate for dipping.

Photography, Recipe, Foody Styling, Prop Styling by: TALA SOUBRA

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